Yoga Therapy is for you if ::

  • Your GP has recommended you start Yoga classes

  • You prefer individual attention

  • You have a specific health and wellbeing goal in mind

What to expect:

  • The first consult is 90 min

  • You will be asked to complete an assessment form to provide all the necessary information

  • During the consultation your Yoga therapist will conduct a verbal and physical assessment at which time you will have the opportunity to discuss your presenting circumstance and your desired goal, in greater detail

  • Based on the assessment and discussion your therapist will suggest certain practices to begin addressing your circumstances and will teach them to you

  • You will both agree on a plan to continue the practice at home and a date for a follow up, when you'll get the opportunity to report on what you have observed to be the effects of your home practice so far

  • At your follow up (45min to 1hr session) your therapist will assess the effects you've reported and will modify or add practices if and where required

  • It is expected that over time with genuine intention and effort, you will have developed a professional relationship with your Yoga therapist who is committed to support your progress toward your desired goal

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