Imbalances differ for each of us and for this reason the most

effective way to address your presenting circumstance(s) is by

engaging the support of your Yoga Therapist through personal

consultation(s). Together you will develop a plan to progress

towards your specific health and wellbeing goal and your

Yoga Therapist is committed to support you along the way.


Personal consults are suggested if:

  • You have a presenting circumstance listed in

      Areas of Focus

  • You are recovering from an injury

  • Your GP has recommended you start Yoga classes

  • You prefer individual attention

  • You have a specific health and wellbeing goal in mind


What to expect:

  • A brief assessment form to complete

  • Your initial private consult duration is up to 90 mins

  • Yoga therapist to conduct a verbal and physical assessment

  • A suggested plan to begin addressing your current circumstance

  • A scheduled follow up (45min to 1hr session) to report on your progress

  • Options for ongoing scheduled support in progress towards your desired health & wellbeing goal

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