Image by Melina Kiefer

What others have said:

"Wow, didn't think it could feel so good"

"That's amazing to be able to do Yoga in a chair!"

"I feel so relaxed and energised"

"My legs feel stronger"


Chair Yoga

Bringing Yoga to you!

Chair Yoga is an adaptive style providing more choices to those limited in movement or simply requiring the extra support in stability. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring Yoga to you! Experience the benefits of Yoga without needing to get out of your chair. With greater stability, enjoy moving your body with ease and confidence while using your breath and taking full support of a chair beneath you. With regular practice, improve your range of movement and stability, experience greater ease and freedom in the body and mind with an option that's both safe and effective.

*Bookings close 24hrs before scheduled class times.