Online Yoga

What others have said:

"Thanks Jo, just what I needed!"

"That was amazing. What style of Yoga was that?"

"Great stretches, thanks Jo"

"Forgot how good Yoga is!"

"Didn't realise how tight I was!"

"I think the pain in my back is now less. Much gratitude."

Welcome to online group classes. A space where we practice therapeutic Yoga to release tension, invite suppleness in the muscles and create space in both body and mind!


Great for those who need to recover generally from :

  • more stronger Yoga practices

  • general exercise

  • over exerting physically

  • sitting for long periods of time

  • general aches and pains and or simply those just

  • needing to get the body moving in a gentle yet most functional way and or

  • needing to reconnect to their inner calm and peace of mind.

So many benefits and experiences to have, I invite you to find out what's personally yours!


Weekdays 9.30am, 12pm, 5pm & 6pm

$9 per 40 min sessions OR $15 per 2 x 40min sessions

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