“A Yoga Therapist is an experienced Yoga Teacher with additional qualifications, specialised skills and knowledge in the application of yoga within a therapeutic setting. A Yoga Therapist draws from the principles of yoga and the full range of yoga practices, bio-medical knowledge and assessment skills to establish a professional relationship with clients. Together, the therapist and client will develop a self-empowering therapeutic program appropriate to the client’s needs.” Australian Association of Yoga Therapy.

Jo Mallios is a qualified Yoga therapist who started her training as a Yoga teacher in 2003. Initially, an advocate of posture (asana) and breath (pranayama) practice to help support her practice of meditation, Jo’s personal discovery of the powerful healing effects of posture and breath practice started in 2006 when she was instructed by her own teacher to begin a home practice on her own. 

Inspired by the effects of a home practice Jo extended her training in 2015 to include Yoga Therapy knowledge, experience and qualification to give each client access to a greater range of variations to suit their own unique presenting circumstance.


Since that time Jo has had the opportunity to personally observe the beneficial effects of Yoga applied in both general classes and in therapeutic settings, assisting hundreds of students each week with minor to more involved conditions calling for that extra individual attention. 


Jo continues her professional development through association with Australian Association of Yoga Therapy (AAYT) and as a Yoga therapist is committed to supporting individuals with their own unique presenting circumstances providing them access to a timelessly tested path to greater health and wellbeing.

2003 Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga

2004-2010 Teaching and assisting general classes, teaching events and retreats in Sydney, India & New York

2010 to date Teaching Yoga with a Bio-mechanical & Therapeutic focus

2015 to date Yoga therapy consultations and general therapeutic classes